Breckland Birder

Breckland Birder
Crossbill in Breckland, Norfolk Photo by Paul Newport

Friday, 1 May 2015

Work break Birding 29th and 30th April 2015

Wednesday 29th April
Marsh Harrier at Morley St Botolph, Norfolk, .
At about 1335 I was driving north along Morleyfield Lane having just finished my final call of the day, I noticed a raptor species drifting west to east over crops, it was clearly a Harrier, given the bouyant flight and wings held in a shallow 'V'.  The lane was very quiet and I was therefore able to stop, the bird was soon identified as a female Marsh Harrier.  This was undoubtedly a migrant bird and its low height suggested it was watching for potential prey as it drifted through.

Thursday 30th April
Deopham Churchyard 1415-1530
A quick survey of habitat at this location revealed quality Hawthorn boundaries with mature Ash and Sycamore trees within.  It was so pleasing to see tall, untidy hedgerows which will benefit life.  Within this boundary was a number of tall, mature conifer specimens, and the traditional churchyard Yews.
At least 15 species were recorded as follows:

Carrion Crow (pair) one sitting on nest in Ash
2+ Wood Pigeons singing
Collared Dove
7+ House Martins very high east ahead of thick dark cloud
2 Blackcaps singing males
1 Lesser Whitethroat singing male in tall Hawthorn hedge
1 Goldcrest song
Great Tit song + a bird visiting a hole in side of church
Long-tailed Tit (pair) nesting in Yew
Blackbird 2+ pairs
1 Song Thrush

It was generally bright throughout this visit, however, some thick cloud passed through on the moderate westerly wind.  At 1520 a particularly large dark cloud was directly over head, this was when 7+ House Martins were seen very high more or less just ahead of, or under the leading edge of the cloud.  The House Martins appeared to move with the cloud, whether this is relevant or not I don't know...perhaps they were following a good supply of insects.

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