Breckland Birder

Breckland Birder
Crossbill in Breckland, Norfolk Photo by Paul Newport

Monday, 18 May 2015

Houghton Springs, Norfolk

As my followers know I have always observed public rights of way when walking and enjoying the countryside and its birds and other wildlife.  One post in fact from a couple of years ago entitled 'Irresponsible birders' mentions someone who decided to wander from a public right of way, he was told he was trespassing, however, he was seen again at the same site.
I have today been speaking to the owner of Houghton Springs who advises me that a couple of walkers had trespassed onto this site, when challenged, they stated my blog implies it was OK to wander over this site.  I have never, and would never encourage anyone to wander away from public rights of way.
The owner of Houghton Spring highlighted the dangers of visiting private land i.e. livestock danger, uneven land and ditches etc which could endanger the safety of people.
Perhaps I had written entries incorrectly and visitors thought they could go where they pleased, I therefore apologise if this is how this reads, however, if I can once more emphasise that Houghton Springs is private with no public access, other than the Peddars Way footpath which runs alongside the area before leading onto North Pickenham.


  1. I've never noticed that you've implied that it is fine to walk on other's private property...
    in fact, in a recent post you specifically mentioned that you had been INVITED to visit someone's land...
    but with regard to these walkers....
    if they've read your blog, yours is the first name that will spring to mind when they have to defend themselves...
    perhaps a precis or rewording of your views above as a text file...
    above or below "About Me"....
    possibly above for a while...
    then below....
    would save any possible future arguements or misunderstandings.
    Keep well,

  2. Hi Tim
    Very many thanks for your suggestion. I will look at rewording the 'about me' part of this blog very soon.
    Chat again very soon.


    1. I was thinking more of a fresh text box that you could move down later...
      rather than reword the About Me text.
      Love that Subbuteo pic!!