Breckland Birder

Breckland Birder
Crossbill in Breckland, Norfolk Photo by Paul Newport

Friday, 17 June 2016

Watton and surrounds

This afternoon I enjoyed a short walk close to my home in Watton, Norfolk.  A pleasant afternoon with warm sunny spells.
I visited another beautiful area where planning permission has been given for more homes. The site in question is an ill-conceived idea with no thought given to the range of species living within this valuable area designated as a Special Protected Area.  Without going into great detail on my site, it is felt that a poor ecological assessment was conducted which missed or deliberately left out a range of important species in order to get this application approved.  I intend to get the appropriate agencies involved to conduct a proper survey with a view to presenting a detailed report showing what has been missed.  Approval may have been given for this development, however, the relevant council and landowner needs to be shamed into not following correct procedures.
Tree Sparrow 17/06/16

I have gone on long enough, now to the afternoon walk.  Tree Sparrows are doing well at the site visited.  This delightful species is sadly a rare bird nationally, however, good numbers were seen today.
4+ Swallows were seen in flight around buildings where this species is known to breed.  One Swallow showed great agility when taking an insect on the wing.
Bullfinches were nearby and gave their piping "pew". A Green Woodpecker flew off over a nearby field and Great Spotted Woodpecker  was heard to call.
Yellowhammer (male) 17/06/16
A single male Whitethroat was seen and singing in hedgerow habitat.  Close by a male Blackcap occasionally sang.
Yellowhammer song was heard, shortly after this a lovely male bird dropped down to bathe in one of the many puddles, when finished he flew into a nearby small tree where he preened and freshened up. 
A pair of Goldfinches were seen in roadside hedgerow giving their sweet tinkering call.  Known in Norfolk as 'King Harry' Goldfinches are always very pleasing birds to see, their range of colours in their plumage down to the stunning gold wing-bar makes for a gem of a bird.


  1. Hope you are OK... just heard about the flooding in Watton.

  2. Thank you very much for asking Tim.
    I was acting as Polling Station Clerk yesterday, getting home was quite a problem with the severe rainfall we had. Many houses had Fire Engines in attendance to pump water from homes, also lots of raw sewage was evident.
    I have had standing water in the garden following previous rainfall, however, the whole lawn resembles a large pond this morning.....a minor problem really considering what some poor people are waking up to this morning.
    I have put a message on Facebook offering my services to anybody who needs it...not a good time for many.
    I hope you are fine and well Tim...once again, many thanks for enquiring about us...much appreciated.


  3. Just read the comments re rainfall whilst checking your latest blog. I had no idea that you, too, caught more than a dose full of rain these past couple of days. But good to read that you and Pam are OK. Over in Stamford, just a light shower or two and this morning the sun is shining from a clear blue sky. But will I now get free, unhindered passage through France and Spain come late August!!!!! Bob