Breckland Birder

Breckland Birder
Crossbill in Breckland, Norfolk Photo by Paul Newport

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Response to my post dated 06/05/16 (Inexcusable behaviour).

I sincerely apologise for causing offence to the individual in question here, however, my post does not contain expletives, nor is it threatening. I am a sensible, level-headed person, who is able to confront issues in a mature, professional manner, and any 'language' used to show my annoyance at wrongdoing would be forthright and again, without the need for using inappropriate language. Reading back through my much earlier posts I write that I have challenged someone for trespassing on my patch to see a rare bird, I am not afraid to do this. I don't want irresponsible people on my patch, or anywhere else for that matter, lowering the tone of birding. I also do not believe that the countryside is the sole domain for birders, I welcome families and their dogs, and love to share my passion with them, especially if a child sees something that sparks an interest, after all they are the future custodians of our countryside and its wildlife and any interest seen should be encouraged.
Finally, the 'about me' column shows 'MY CODE', a simple message which is not too difficult to follow.


  1. Hi Paul,

    Couldn't see anything wrong with what you said. I don't read said blog you refer to, but trespassing is trespassing simple as.
    I prefer to read your blog as it is focussed around birding and fieldcraft; as I understand it the same can't be said for many other blogs.
    As I have said to you before- the 'celebritization' of modern birding really annoys me!
    Take it easy,

  2. Hi Jim

    Thank you very much for this. May I also thank you for your kind comments regarding my blog.
    Good birding my friend.