Breckland Birder

Breckland Birder
Crossbill in Breckland, Norfolk Photo by Paul Newport

Friday, 15 January 2016

Thompson, Norfolk

I arrived home from work early afternoon for my first afternoon walk in daylight for a few days.  And what an afternoon, bright, fresh, with frost lying in sheltered parts, a beautiful day.
This afternoon I parked at the village church and walked the footpath to the Griston Road, and then doubling back along Drove Lane to the Stow Bedon Road and back to the church.
The paths I walked this afternoon encompasses some beautiful grazing pasture, marshland, rush meadow, and damp woodland.
Four species of Thrush were seen and heard with Redwings forming the majority species, most were found in the tops of Alders but were typically flighty and easily disturbed.  A few Fieldfares were seen in woodland along with Blackbirds.  A number of Song Thrushes seen and heard indicated that some of these may be continental birds.
Siskin (male)
From the Griston road it was evident that a number of Finches were present, this included a lovely female Brambling seen fairly close to in roadside hedge.
The only raptor species seen was a single Sparrowhawk flying low and fast over grazing land and into woodland.
Walking back along Drove Lane I had to rely on the sound of birds as the low sun was particularly dazzling ahead of me.  Redwings and Song Thrushes were again the most frequently heard species.
By the time I reached the Stow Bedon Road I had the sun behind me, this offered some lovely views into the damp woodland.  Thrushes again were seen with many Redwings moving between Alders and nearby Thompson Common.  The Alders within this very damp habitat held 60+ Siskins high in the tops of the trees where they were seen to feed upon the cones.  The strong sun really did provide superb views of the Siskins with their Yellows being particularly noticeable in the excellent light.


  1. Lovely Siskin shot.... we've actually got a local flock this Winter.
    And as we have a large number of Alder along the millstream, including a pair near the front door, we are treated to the antics of the SAS... Siskin Acrobatics Squad... almost every day!
    However, no Bramblings to be seen since the brief visit in November/December.... can't remember which.
    No Redwings or Fieldfares to be seen so far....

  2. Thank you Tim....Siskin Acrobatic this. Some good Brambling numbers seen so far, most notably in the Little Cressingham area where I have also recorded some very good Linnet numbers.
    I am visiting my daughter this weekend, she lives in the Nene valley in Northamptonshire. Could be good for wintering duck i.e. Goldeneye, Goosander, and possibly Smew, given the recent cool conditions.