Breckland Birder

Breckland Birder
Crossbill in Breckland, Norfolk Photo by Paul Newport

Friday, 29 January 2016

Hockham, Norfolk

The strong bright sunlight today gave some fantastic colours from the straw browns of the reed habitat with the varying light to dark woodland background.  The strong south-westerly wind kept most birds in the shelter of the woodland.  Most obvious birds on this visit was the wildfowl within the fen.
Hockham Fen 29/01/16.  A wonderful place to be in any weather.
Wildfowl on Hockham Fen featured as the most obvious species seen today, these comprised 150+ Teal, a common wintering species with at times very high numbers seen.  Today, the Teal were seen either within the marshy fen habitat, or flying when relocating to the nearby bank or another patch of water.
Canada and Greylag Geese on Hockham Fen 29/01/16

Larger wildfowl included about 30 Canada Geese and a pair of Greylag Geese, many of the Canada Geese appeared to be sleeping on the water.
A couple of Grey Herons were seen within marshy fen habitat as was a pair of Lapwings.
Only one raptor was seen today, a single Buzzard seen in very good light.  The brown upperparts and the mostly dark bordered pale under-wing with black 'hands' were seen in great detail in the strong sunlight.

Hockham Fen 29/01/16
Few passerine species were seen in the strong wing, however, a couple of singleton Siskins passed overhead calling.  The surrounding forest appeared to hold many Goldcrests and a few Marsh Tits.
We are now less than a month away from the first Adders emerging from their winter hibernation.  The first to emerge will be males with the first larger females emerging about a month later...really looking forward to this.

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