Breckland Birder

Breckland Birder
Crossbill in Breckland, Norfolk Photo by Paul Newport

Monday, 24 August 2015


Since the turn of this year I have suffered various dental problems and at the current time I have developed an abscess and large swelling on the left side of my face, which has in turn spoiled my good looks!!!!!!!.  I am visiting the dentist this afternoon hoping to get some respite from the pain I have.
These problems have impacted upon my motivation to work on my blog and to my followers I sincerely apologise for this.
I am hoping to motivate myself to update my blog on a regular basis and perhaps with Autumn migration now upon us, this will give me the impetus to get started again.


  1. Sorry to hear you have not been on top of your game Paul.
    That special time of year for birders is not far away though, and looking at the coastal movements it is already here for coastal patchers.
    Your impaled Beetle is very interesting, who knows, a Shrike could be just around the corner.

  2. Thank you Jim.
    I actually found a second impaled beetle about a half-mile from the one found on 22nd August, but once again, no Shrike to be found. Most likely a Red-backed Shrike, although, we did have a Woodchat Shrike on the patch July 1995.
    Speak soon my friend.

  3. Thoughts are with you Paul...
    I've lost two great chunks of tooths recently...
    both from root canal fillred ones tho'...
    but must visit dentist myself soon.
    I absolutely hate the dentist's!!

    Nice about the shrike...
    be it RBS or Woodchat...
    It would be great to have them as a breeding species in Norfolk, wouldn't it...
    at least it is something to distract you from the teeth and give you some hope for the Autumn.

  4. Hi Tim
    The abscess has gone down now and thankfully the pain with it too. I have a date with the dentist on 11th Sept. to have the bad tooth removed. I hope your tooth problems are dealt with soon...nothing worse is there?

    The recent low pressure systems and overnight rains have brought plenty of migrants to the area, as well as on the coast. I will pay a visit to the North Norfolk Coast in September to look for migrants, however, I still get much more of a thrill watching my inland patch for migrants, I like to show that the coast doesn't have all the fun Tim.

    I share your thoughts entirely Tim regarding Red-backed Shrikes breeding once again in Norfolk. I think I mourn the loss of this beautiful bird more than any other as a breeding species. I just hope that one day their fortunes improve.

    Great to chat Tim as always.