Breckland Birder

Breckland Birder
Crossbill in Breckland, Norfolk Photo by Paul Newport

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Another beautiful Clouded Yellow

Further evidence seen today of the early stages of migration when I saw a Wheatear sitting on top of a Pine tree on a roadside embankment at Larling, Norfolk.  This species has a protracted period of migration beginning in early August and running through to early November.  My personal latest Wheatear in Norfolk was 1st November.

Little Cressingham, Norfolk.
My intention this afternoon was to check the Watton Brook valley for migrant activity, I could not see anything, however, it was quite hot and therefore birds may have been inactive at the time of my visit.
Clouded Yellow at Little Cressingham 09/08/14
Migrant activitiy was seen along Fairstead Lane in the form of this beautiful Clouded Yellow butterfly.
As I was walking along the lane a bright Orange Yellow butterfly, completely different to the 'whites and browns' present, caught my eye...another Clouded Yellow.
This butterfly always landed on closed wings and the distinctive underwing markings can be clearly seen here.  In flight, the Clouded Yellow was a beautiful creature with its Orange-Yellow upperwing with a dark border.
Clearly this appears to be a good year for this species as this is my second Clouded Yellow, the first being seen a couple of miles away on the 5th of August.

As I wrote yesterday, the majority of Swifts have made their en-masse departure for Africa, however, some still remain.  As I was walking along Fairstead Lane yesterday afternoon, 4 Swifts flew purposefully west, perhaps these were passage birds.  In the evening a couple of Swifts were seen above our home.
Swallows and House Martins are still present in good numbers, this afternoon saw several House Martins (including brown-winged  juveniles) visiting a couple of puddles.
A final check of the valley did not reveal any migrants on this occasion.

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