Breckland Birder

Breckland Birder
Crossbill in Breckland, Norfolk Photo by Paul Newport

Friday, 14 March 2014

Comments made by a female North Norfolk 'twit'cher regarding new cafe facilities at Holme Dunes reserve.

'Beach dudes with buckets, spades, and dogs' is how a female North Norfolk twitcher described potential visitors to new cafe facilities at Holme Dunes reserve in North Norfolk.  She describes this news as both 'good and bad', good if it is full of birders, and bad if visited by people wanting to enjoy themselves on a day out.
I am a lifelong Birder (not a twitcher thankfully) and I think it is very important that we share our passion with anybody who wishes to learn, be they birders or not.  The beach, dunes, woodlands, marshes etc, are not the sole domain of birders, it is there for all to enjoy.  Some of those children playing on the beach with their buckets and spades may well be the future custodians of our countryside and as such should be encouraged to visit our wonderful natural heritage.
I say to those people who look down at non-birders, embrace and teach those willing to learn.  Those who dismiss non-birders presence have no right to discourage, after all, how do you think residents and businesses feel when hoards of twitchers descend to see a bird and potentially disrupt peoples lives.


  1. Just back from a long holiday in New Zealand chance to catch up on the various blogs, etc. I see for your latest Paul that you are turning into quite the philosopher and good on you as I complete concur with your thoughts. One of our twenty-first century problems is that in the eyes of most non-birders, every birder is a "twitcher" and we then spend ages trying to differentiated between twitcher and birder with those we meet in the countryside or wherever. Keep up the good work and I shall, once again, be back birding come the 'morrow.

    1. Bob, many thanks for your comments.....these 'twitcher' types do annoy me when they think they, and they alone, think that the countryside is their sole domain.
      New lucky man, this must have been a wonderful experience for you and Jenny. What would you consider your highlight(s).
      Please pass on our love to Jenny. Hope you are both very well. Paul and Pam x