Friday 28 April 2023

Is it safe to go to the beach now?

 As you all know, I am not a twitcher, I am a Birder, and a Birder who has a passion for dogs. Equally, I love to share my passion with others who wish to learn.  What I do dislike are certain people who think our countryside, including our beaches are there for them only and for nobody else to share and enjoy.

I feel that our countryside and beaches are for all to enjoy providing they follow the countryside code, respect wildlife, and leave the countryside in a clean and tidy state upon their leaving.

Responsible dog owner know to keep their beautiful dogs on leads in sensitive area for wildlife, and indeed, those responsible people will hopefully respect certain areas where no dogs are allowed, and indeed areas where people as well who should go in order to protect wildlife and their sensitive habitats.  There are some irresponsible dog owners who should not be allowed to enter sensitive areas, however, in these cases it is rarely the fault of the dog.

I pride myself on not being a twitcher and I am careful to whom I reveal my finds too because I have seen evidence, both having read about and witnessed, when twitchers have worried birds, including species whose very nature is to skulk and remain in cover, but are subjected to organised flushes to see the bird.  I have also witnessed criminal damage in the pursuit of birds.  It is poor behaviour and totally embarrassing to see twitchers as they chase their quarry.  During the pandemic we witnessed in the media idiot twitchers breaking lockdown rules, causing dangerous conditions on our roads due to irresponsible parking, and trampling sensitive habitats as they go.

I equally dislike those who are critical of others using our beaches for their social recreation, dog walking, and taking the family out for the day.  Most families are responsible people, however, there are other families who let the side down.  On the whole, it muse be said that humans have the biggest impact upon the safety and wellbeing of wildlife on our beaches and in the wider countryside.

  On Sunday 23 April, I was birding on my local Breckland patch.  At the end of a great mornings birding I was confronted with the ugly side of humanity when over a 1/2 mile stretch of roadside I collected 2 large (and eventually, very heavy bags) of litter thrown out of cars.  Clearly, the offenders here have an underdeveloped brain and are unable to put together a few letters forming a single syllable word, the word is BIN, well use it then.  I however feel sorry for these offenders as they clearly have an inability to distinguish right from wrong.
I also dislike certain elements of society who feel noisy children should not visit the beach etc, it must be remembered that those who are critical were once children themselves, more importantly, a noisy child who visits the beach may be that person whose curiosity about something they have seen or heard may be the spark needed to get them interested in wildlife and our countryside, after all, the children of today will be the future custodians of our countryside.  So don't be critical of our future environmentalists and naturalists.  

To end, I will once again repeat my dislike of twitcher types who feel dogs, and children should not be on our beaches and countryside.  These selfish people are equally not welcome in the countryside if they are not willing to share it.

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