Breckland Birder

Breckland Birder
Crossbill in Breckland, Norfolk Photo by Paul Newport

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Chorus of Frogs at Little Hockham, Norfolk

At about midday today I decided to visit an area of relic fen near Little Hockham.  I wish I had taken a small lens, the light was just right for landscape images.  It was a beautiful early afternoon visit with strong, quite warm sunshine with a high of 15 degrees Celsius. The fresh north-westerly wind had a cooling edge to it.
Frogs at Little Hockham 9th March
What was particularly noticeable about this visit was watching large numbers of Frogs mating, and spawning in some of the Ice age pools, or Pingo's.  The wind in the trees was quite noisy but when it dropped a wonderful chorus of croaking Frogs could be heard, a wonderful experience.
'Pure Gold' Frog at Little Hockham 9th March
Birding was fairly quiet on this visit, although a pair of Little Grebes was watched on one of the larger pools.  Usually, these diminutive Grebes kept close to the pool edge in the cover of reed stems, although one did break cover to 'run' across the surface of the water before diving.  The distinctive 'whinnying' call was often given.  
Marsh Tits were present at four localities and two males were heard in song together, a fast, repeated "chip-chip-chip-chip-chip-chip-chip-chip", once heard, an easy song to identify.
The majority of this visit was spent watching Frogs, a wonderful experience.


  1. Super pictures. Had the same at Beeston Common yesterday but the light was towards me so the pictures didn't have the same resonance as yours.

  2. Many thanks for your lovely post. A wonderful sight and sound aren't they.