Breckland Birder

Breckland Birder
Crossbill in Breckland, Norfolk Photo by Paul Newport

Monday, 19 December 2016

Hockham, Norfolk

An afternoon visit produced many hundreds of Teal, many Wigeon, Gadwall, Mallard, and a single, very handsome male Pintail.
Apologies for lack of notes lately, although I have seen plenty of birds, I appear to have some kind of writers block and have been unable to focus.  Must try harder.


  1. Happy New Year Paul... may your patch remain productive!!
    AND PROTECTED! Reading of all the goings on development-wise in Watton has me quite concerned... so you more so!!
    Writer's block... Yup, it happens... currently getting over an almost two year one myself... illness, pressures of troo much to do, etc.... all contribute.
    I have just started to blog about the moths I have been catching in order to list our biodiversity... this is bringing me out of it, I think... one every Monday.... another friend posts a photo every Friday... no words... often no caption... sometimes three Fridays will pass without a text blog in between... but, these blogs are personal blogs, so no need to apologise!!
    Just keep recording your patch and you'll suddenly find things will click back into place!
    Keep well,

    1. Hi Tim
      Thank you so very much for this post, your writing are always very much appreciated. I have often found myself sitting in front of the computer not knowing what to write, how to write it, and so on, even though I try to write in chronological form I couldn't do it. With some people it just flows naturally while I find myself with a mind full of events and occurrences, but not knowing how to present myself properly. I just think I find myself thinking too hard sometimes.
      I really do appreciate what you write Tim and I have since written my first post of the year from Lynford Water.
      I wish you a very happy 2017 Tim and I look forward to our continued posts/communications.
      A BIG thank you.