Breckland Birder

Breckland Birder
Crossbill in Breckland, Norfolk Photo by Paul Newport

Thursday, 6 October 2016

House Sparrow (juvenile female) 6th October 2016

I never tire of House Sparrows.  Taking time to look closely at these familiar birds will reveal they are indeed stunning, beautiful birds.  Sadly, they are too often overlooked due to their abundance.  I love watching their squabbles, also they often provide great comical value in their antics.
House Sparrow (juvenile female) 6th October
House Sparrow (juvenile female) 6th October


  1. I love House Sparrows.... we have plenty here...and they've just begun using my "sparrow tower"... 5 nests in a group, hollowed out of old log.
    As a bird, their colouring & patterning are very attractive.... especially the males. As you mention the antics are also fun to watch as they hurtle from place to place... with good reason, we have Sparrow Hawks!!
    But, I have now created plenty of cover....
    We also get the hybrid Tree and House Sparrow... so their must be a population of Tree Sparrows in the vicinity.... I just haven't had the time to look too hard!!
    The hybrid birds are NOT welcomed by the resident males...and they are shyer...probably as a result! I haven't yet managed a decent shot of them... just out of focus blurs that do at least show the extra brightness of these "interlopers"!
    Perhaps this Winter I'll succeed!

  2. Thanks Tim for your comments once again.
    Yes, House Sparrows are beautiful birds, and sadly overlooked due to their abundance. Watching their behaviour is very entertaining indeed. I know some see House Sparrows as drab, however, as you rightly say, their pattering and colouring is wonderful. I never tire of them.
    I am sure you will succeed in getting a decent photo...good luck with that.