Breckland Birder

Breckland Birder
Crossbill in Breckland, Norfolk Photo by Paul Newport

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Brandon Parva, Norfolk

My afternoon break from work started very wet and windy, although I knew it would pass fairly readily. Clear and bright conditions followed with an often strong South-South-Westerly wind.
I didn't bother to wander from the car, preferring to stay close to the church where some cover would shelter birds from the wind.  A couple of male Robins squared up to each other in a hedge with one conceding rather than duel.  A few Chaffinches were seen.
Raptors featured nicely on this visit with the first being a Buzzard riding the strong wind, this was shortly followed by a Red Kite which demonstrated it excellent ability of being able to adjust its wings and tail in order to master the strong wind.
Just prior to 1400 hours I looked up to see a fine looking adult Peregrine Falcon fly directly above me and then off south-west. This impressive bird was low enough for me to see the barring on the underparts and the black hood.
The final raptor seen this afternoon was a Kestrel which passed the car very close to me.  It was at this time I took a moment to appreciate the slender looking Kestrel from the more powerfully built and much larger Peregrine.  

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