Breckland Birder

Breckland Birder
Crossbill in Breckland, Norfolk Photo by Paul Newport

Monday, 6 July 2015

MERTON, NORFOLK (Housing application at a vitally important wildlife location)

MERTON, NORFOLK: This afternoon I visited a favourite site of mine at Merton, Norfolk. The site visited is nationally important for Tree Sparrows, a rare bird in Britain now.
I was extremely angered at learning that a Merton-based developer has applied to build 3 properties at this site, such as plan is beyond belief, given that the habitat here is ancient and a home to a very varied selection of flora and fauna.
Tree Sparrow at Merton (at site where a planning application for 3 houses has been made.)

 There are some very old stands of mature, protected trees, as ...well as very fine examples of Hawthorn and Bramble scrub.
The developer in question cleared some hedging in late May, during the height of the nesting season citing the area needed clearing (to a local resident), clearly, the developer did not have the bottle to really say what his plans are.
This developer has a large estate less than 200 meters from the site...perhaps he should have applied to have houses built on his large lawn.
What angers me so much is that this is a very small site, a site which is so valuable to wildlife and rare birds. I will be forwarding my objections to this poorly thought application. 

I ask that my followers visit the Breckland Planning site and voice their objections to this poorly thought out application.


  1. That is terrible!
    And typical with a Tory govt. in place...
    Can you find out what the planning application number is and post it, please...
    their site is extremely difficult to use.;.;.
    as is North West Norfolk's!!
    Lovely Tree Spadger shot!

  2. Hi Tim

    Many thanks for your support with this matter.

    The applicant and planning reference is:


    Three new detached houses and garages.
    MERTON Sites each side of Village Hall The Green IP25 6QU

    Mr Vincent Somers

    Mr Hamish Lampp

    The Development Control Team e-mail or

    I hope this information is useful to you Tim

    Many thanks once again


    1. Thanks Paul...
      have you contacted the Norfolk Nats [NWT that is - I am that old!] and the RSPB local area office... or even BTO HQ in Thetford??
      All worth a try...

  3. Hi Tim
    Fortunately, a BTO representative lives opposite the site in question, I have spoken to his wife and their objections have been sent. I will send my objections accordingly to NWT as I am advised that this site has SPA (Special Protected Area) status.
    Once again Tim, thank you for your support.