Breckland Birder

Breckland Birder
Crossbill in Breckland, Norfolk Photo by Paul Newport

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Carleton Forehoe and Kimberley, Norfolk

I was working all day today, however, as usual, my afternoon break saw me take another birding walk, this time along the road which forms a boundary to the beautiful rolling parkland at Kimberley Hall.  This stunning landscape is typical parkland with long sweeping grassland with impressive, and centuries old Oaks within.  The beautiful River Tiffey runs through the park.
The River Tiffey passing through the stunning Kimberley estate, Norfolk 09/12/14.
My walk along Low Road in Carleton Forehoe took me through a mixture of arable and wet pasture which runs alongside the tree-lined River Tiffey Valley.\
My attention was initially drawn to the "chack chack" calls of Fieldfares, a small number of this very attractive winter Thrush took to treetops as I passed by.  Chaffinches were also in attendance here.
Red Kite (one of 3 together) Carleton Forehoe, Norfolk 09/12/14
3 Red Kites came in to view above the tree-lined Tiffey valley, this photographed bird broke away and patrolled the large gardens and fields above me and beyond.
I turned to retrace my steps and re-visit the parkland at the Kimberley estate.  Although some bright spells occured, it didn't take long for cloud to move in, with this, light became very poor indeed, even though it was a good 2 hours to sunset.
Good numbers of Blue, Great, and Coal Tits were seen as well as a couple of Marsh Tits.  These smaller species reacted with alarm calls when a female Kestrel briefly alighted in an old Oak close to me.
A single Great Spotted Woodpecker flew amongst the treetops.
This was a very pleasant walk through some stunning, rolling landscapes, however, it was time to return to work.


  1. Lovely looking walk, Paul...
    not an area I know.
    My copy of Tern arrived yesterday...
    and I notice that Thompson Water has a Water Soldier problem...
    problematic it might be...
    but it looks magnificent.

    1. Hi Tim
      Good to hear from you again.
      Carleton Forehoe and Kimberley is a lovely area...quite close to Wymondham. The beautiful rolling parkland was landscaped by Lancelot 'Capability' Brown.
      The Water Soldier is late summer completed covers the water now. I think the Norfolk Wildlife Trust is considering ways of reducing its impact to this site. 'Tern' highlights that it has had benefits, including attracting the Norfolk Hawker Dragonfly.
      I really must produce a list and notes of bird species I have seen/heard at Thompson Water for my blog....I think my followers will find this an interesting article.
      As always Tim, great to get your comment.

    2. Having hunted for the Norfolk Hawker...
      in Norfolk and never seeing it....
      I went to the Brenne and saw, and photographed, one near the Maison de la Nature...
      it was unmistakeable...
      and as a result of my excitement...
      the picture turned out slightly fuzzy!!