Breckland Birder

Breckland Birder
Crossbill in Breckland, Norfolk Photo by Paul Newport

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Bawburgh, Norfolk

During my break from work today I had a very pleasant visit to the surroundings in the churchyard at Bawburgh.  This lovely location has some fine Yews and Beeches, with hedgerows at its boundaries.  The churchyard also manages conservation areas within.
Song Thrush at Bawburgh 16/10/14
The purpose of this visit was to check the area for migrant Thrush species and it was straight away evident that many Song Thrushes were present.
I settled down by the church tower with some Yew trees directly in front of me.
Many Song Thrushes, most, if not all, being migrant continental birds, were flying between Yews and nearby hedgerows, their "tick" calls a constant reminder of their presence.  Undoubtedly, the thick cover will provide good cover and roosting sites for this and other species.
Also present was a few Redwings, Blackbirds, and several Mistle Thrushes, the latter species often giving its harsh rattle-like call.
Other species seen here included a single Blackcap, Robin, Coal, Blue, and Great Tits, Wren, Goldcrest, and a single Little Owl which briefly called in response to another calling bird in nearby farmland.


  1. Has that irriot still got the Peacocks in the garden opposite the church?
    Five marvellous Peacocks and one white Peahen... all noise and fanned tails.
    I was there one Saturday long past and all you could hear of an afternoon organ and cello concert were the peacocks!!
    Totally anti-social!!
    However, judging by your observations they are gorn and dusted!!
    Nice to catch a Little Owl....
    I've just begun converting a baguette box...
    every French home had one...
    but they are now being sold for a few Euros on the French equivalent of car boot sales...
    once converted into a des-res for Little Owls...
    it will be hung horizontally in the trees down by the river....
    in the hope that we can kidnap one of our nearest neighbours nesters...
    or their offspring.
    The owls often hunt in our barn...
    and one morning I was told off very severely for interrupting one whilst "at work"!!
    It went and posed wonderfully in the round, bulls-eye owl hole...
    and I didn't have my camera...
    you tend not to have such things to hand when the reason was to get some meat from the freezer!!

  2. Hi Tim
    No sight or sound of any Peacocks or Peahens on this visit, therefore I think they are well and truly gone. The most common call heard on this visit was the soft "tick" call of Song Thrushes. This was my first visit to Bawburgh churchyard, what a lovely place, small, yet full of diverse habitat. Funny this, but I find churchyards peaceful places, nature reserves in their own tight. I also get a sense of comfort that those resting there will spend eternity sharing these habitats with wonderful wildlife.
    Really pleased with your Little Owls Tim. I love your comment that you were told off by an Owl, real characters aren't they.