Breckland Birder

Breckland Birder
Crossbill in Breckland, Norfolk Photo by Paul Newport

Monday, 26 August 2013

Little Cressingham

The weather dawned bright, sunny, and warm today with a continued easterly airflow which increased to moderate in strength by the afternoon. Given the bright start to the day I was not hopeful for any local 'falls' of migrants, however, birds which made landfall on the coast yesterday may well have moved inland over the previous night.

Little Cressingham Mill
I stopped at the mill this morning to check for migrants in the dense fruiting bushes adjacent to the Watton Brook and Fairstead Lane area nearby.  Probably 30+ House Martins were overhead and often gave false alarm calls as they do and also a few Swallows were also seen.
The dense cover along the brook produced 3+ Blackcaps and a Whitethroat, whilst Chiffchaff was heard further along the valley.  Greenfinch and House Sparrows were typically in the hedgerow on Fairstead Lane close to the bridge.
Blackcap in Elder at Little Cressingham Mill 26/08/13.
'The Arms' to Watton Brook (Little Cressingham)
Mid afternoon and it was quite warm and sunny with an increased easterly wind from the mornings light to a moderate in strength.
I parked close to the 'The Arms' to walk to the valley to check for migrants, on the way there I encountered a good number of Butterfly species in the long grass and weedy verges.  Common Blue was the most numerous, also some Adonis Blues (photographed) were seen along with Brimstone.
Also seen was a Common Lizard which ran across the road in front of me. 

Upon my arrival on the Watton Brook Valley, I carefully searched the fences and vegetation and my earlier hunch paid off when I found a Whinchat perched on fencing and occasionally making sallies for probable food on the ground. This was a very distant bird, too distant for photographing, however, I could just make the bird out as a juvenile.  A good end to the day.

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